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In-Office Shopping

All products shown are either available in store or can be ordered in. As my supplies/brands ebb and flow, some products I have in office may not be shown on the site. Don't see what you're looking for? Ask! Be sure to check back frequently as more products are added. As a professional practitioner, I have access to all professional brands. I ensure that what I bring into my shop is high quality and third-party tested for purity.

Please note that this is not an online shopping portal. If you see supplements or products you would like to purchase or inquire further about, please click on the 'contact' button to discuss further.

FULLSCRIPT is an online dispensary in which I will send you a prescription and you then fill it, having it delivered straight to your door! Inquire for more information.

In office shopping is open 7 days weekly, including evening hours by appointment only.

*Prices may change unannounced depending on company fee guides.

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