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CBD Oil/Tincture/Cream


1) Full spectrum oil
🌱 CBD tincture produced from whole plant extract.
🌱 Delivers your dose of CBD while also allowing other cannibinoids to apply additional anti-bacterial, pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.


2) CBD Tincture
🌱 Great for pets! (and anyone who doesn't like the taste of plants).
🌱 This isolate tincture is free of any cannabinoids.


3) CBD Pain Cream
🌱 Combo of CBD and lavender essential oils.
🌱 Fast absorbing, relieves tension, aches and pain.
🌱 Topical application improves bioavailability.



CBD Bath Salts


CBD infused bath salts are created in small batches for highest quality. Magnesium and essential oils have been added to give you that extra muscle nourishing relaxation 😌

Available in:

Relaxation blend - lavender and rose oil provide anxiety and tension relief. Great as an addition to your bedtime routine!

Intimate blend - reduces stress and bal