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Relationship & Exit Strategy Coaching

Time for a change - old ways will not open new doors


Located in Yellowknife and serving the world, Monarch Coaching is a professional life coaching service.

Life Coaching: Bio
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As a professional and certified life coach, I help clients in all relationships life hands them. From complicated and general relationships within the family, self, work, or with friends, to marriage counselling (pre, during, and after separation/divorce), infidelity, those seeking more intimacy and searching for the right partner.

I also specialize in exit strategies, helping you get out of ANY situation white completely thriving on the other side.

My complete understanding of what the client is going through sets me apart from other coaches. I have lived many types of relationships since I was a child including abusive, marriage, divorce and now, enjoying wonderful relationships which were only available to me once I had done my own work.

I have coached clients on recognizing, escaping, and rebuilding a fulfilling life after toxic relationships. I have coached clients from premarital counselling all the way through until the birth of their first child. I have shown clients how to set boundaries, create new mindsets on limiting beliefs, and helped rebuild confidence in themselves and their abilities.

My clients report an increase in self confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth with the tools I taught them and conversations we dove into. Their jive for life reappeared, they were able to heal in a safe environment full of support, and were excited for what lay ahead for them.

The door to you new life is wide open. I'm here to coach you through it, support you every step of the way and grow beyond what you thought was possible on the other side.

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Life Coaching: About

Achieve Your Goals

I work with clients via phone and video sessions. These modes of communication enable us to work together in any physical setting you may find yourself in whether local or global.

  • Once you sign up with me, you will receive a welcome package to be read, signed and returned prior to our first session.

  • All sessions are 50 minutes and new clients receive a complimentary 20 minute "Get to know you" conversation before we begin our initial session. This allows me to learn about you in a conversational setting and recognize where most work needs to be done to fully utilize your time in future sessions.

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- separation/divorce

- blending families

- pre-marital counselling

- infidelity

- relationship with yourself

- igniting passion and intimacy

- escaping and recovery from toxic relationships

- martial relationship issues

- workplace (boss and coworkers) relationships

- friends

- family (siblings, spouse, children) dynamics

- teen relationships

- during and post birth relationship expectations

- boundary setting

- creating new mindsets on limiting beliefs

- all aspects of exiting any situation (relationship, career, commitments, etc)


- phone, video, or in-person meetings

- unlimited emailing with me between meetings


- weekly sessions

- 2 sessions/month

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- 3, 8, or 12 sessions to be used over 2 months
- unlimited email contact with me

Life Coaching: Services
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FREE gift !

“Do It Yourself Relationship Repair Guide" by Nan Einarson

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Life Coaching: Sales Lead
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I started working with Sara for my nutritional goals but found partway through the process that I was struggling to stay on the plan we had laid out because I was dealing with so much stress and uncertainty in my personal and work life. She suggested some life-coaching to see if we could work through the things that were overwhelming me so I could move forward in all aspects, including with my nutritional goals.

We had a meeting in February, and I shared with her that I was unhappy in my current situation for a multitude of reasons and had been trying to make a change for some time. Those changes included finding a new job and moving closer to family and friends in southern BC. The pandemic had left me feeling isolated and alone and I was ready to make changes that would allow me to reconnect with people and meet my goals. I was frustrated though because the job application process was slow, and while I was sending resumes every day, I wasn’t getting much response. I had first thought about Calgary, but was also considering Vancouver, and my uncertainty was leaving me feeling stuck, and confused. After we discussed all this, she suggested I quit my job, and asked what was holding me back from doing it. I realized that it was fear. Sara suggested that when we have already committed to doing something we want, but hover in limbo afraid to make the decision, it comes off as uncertain, and can leave you feeling frustrated, and unsure, waiting for something outside your control to change.

So, I did it. I quit my job that day. Had several interviews that week, landed an amazing job in Vancouver, and am now in the final stages of packing up my life here in Yellowknife to start a new chapter. That sounds like the process was easy, but it wasn’t. The difference was that I felt it would work out, because I knew I had made the right choice, and I felt excited and also peaceful again. Even if I had more challenges ahead.

The thing that was most significant for me, was the relief I felt after quitting. I told her and others, it felt like taking a breath for the first time in months. Like I was finally breathing normally, and not holding all my tension and stress inside me. I felt calmer, freer, and ready to commit to the process. Sometimes you need to push yourself to find the place you need and want to be. And sometimes, you need someone to guide you there. I am so grateful for her guidance, and absolutely recommend her to anyone needing help working through challenges in their life.

- S. Norrish

Life Coaching: Client Testimonial

"After just one session with monarch life coaching I feel refreshed, invigorated, and already see a new path forming. Sara’s approach is strengths-based, kind, and intuitive. I felt like she really listened to me and asked the right questions to guide me though thoughtful and clear reflection. I am so grateful. I highly recommend reaching out to Sara to help you gain better clarity and direction in any facet of your life."

Nicole Craig

Life Coaching: Client Testimonial

I've seen Sara over the past few years as a Functional and Holistic Nutritionist. Sara was able to investigate symptoms I had questioned as well as symptoms I was unaware of, with a simple questionnaire and meet. Sara helped me solve things I was suffering from for years, in the matter of months. These were things I suffered from as a teen that western medicine didn't pick up on. When Sara mentioned she was getting into coaching, I jumped at the chance for an appointment with her. As always, she didn't disappoint and uncovered something no one else had. I suffered from many complications of sciatica, which included not walking unaided for 6 months because of the trauma I suffered from falls due to a numb foot. I was confused as to why when falling backwards (a safeguard my brain created), I didn't try to break my fall, I'd simply straighten out, freeze and fall. I've been to many doctors, physio, psychologist, etc..., and Sara was the only person that was able to explain what was happening. It was like a light bulb went off, and everything clicked. I now knew why I was doing what I was doing, and it was such a relief. I am now finally on the road to recovery thanks to her. Thank you Sara for your help, it's invaluable to me. I appreciate everything you have done for me over the years.

Life Coaching: Client Testimonial
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