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Women's Hormone Expert
Certified Functional Nutritionist
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Functional Nutrition Coaching: Bio

What is Functional and Holistic Nutrition?

Functional and Holistic Nutrition complements and works within the principles and model of Functional Medicine. As a Functional and Holistic Nutritionist, I investigate what specifically moves too fast or too slow in your body (right down to the cellular level), where the imbalances are and bring restoration back. I provide preventative interventions and address clinical imbalances, moving you towards your optimal health. 

Functional and Holistic Nutrition is 'the art where science and nutrition meet to help you determine what's going on in there.' I use the nutritional biochemistry of each person to reveal the root cause of the imbalance. This is root cause medicine at its best!

There are many, many ways to treat symptoms either conventionally or naturally. Why keep symptoms 'under control' when the root cause needs to be explored?

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Functional Nutrition Coaching: Bio

The 'Impossible' Is Always Possible

My Expertise

Women's hormonal issues is my jam! I help women rebalance hormones so they can achieve a productive, energized and nourishing presence in all stages of life.

Whether it's menopause, adrenal dysregulation/fatigue, cortisol imbalances, irregular periods, low libido, depression/anxiety, insomnia, blood sugar imbalances, PCOS, infertility and pregnancy, thyroid disorders, gut health issues, constipation, weight fluctuations...all of these AND MORE are either directly tied to or linked in a round about way to women's hormonal issues. This is where my love lies and where I will serve you best.

Functional Nutrition Coaching: Welcome


All You Need to Know

As a Functional Nutritionist, Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, and Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Sara takes a science-based approach in an effort to reveal the root cause of issues you may be struggling with. She formulates tailored protocols to empower her clients to take charge of their health and live their optimal life! She strongly believes that nutrition isn't a one-size-fits-all approach; each plan takes into account your unique genetic makeup, personal stress load, lifestyle, diet, health history, and perceptions.

How did Sara get here?

It was actually Sara's kids who got her to where she is today. When her son was just an infant, he experienced digestive issues which were linked back to troublesome foods Sara was eating and therefore, affecting him via her breast milk. After completing a food sensitivity test, specific foods were eliminated and his symptoms cleared up. It was here that her interest in how foods REALLY affect the body blossomed. Sara has always been an advocate of leading a healthier and natural lifestyle but this went far deeper.

Sara enrolled in and completed an online Nutrition and Health certification course through Stanford University and then the diploma program through the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition (with honours) when her son was just beginning to walk. Her desire and interest drove her to complete the 2 year program just after her second child was born. Being a stay at home Mom to 2 kids under 2.5 years old plus studying proved to Sara that nothing could stand in the way of her passion. She began her home business shortly after graduating in 2016.

Functional Medicine soon became Sara's top interest and she enrolled in the Functional Nutrition certification program with Josh Gitalis (Clinical Nutritionist and first Canadian Nutritionist to become a Functional Medicine Practitioner!). This opened huge doors for her and allowed her to really dig deep with her clients and get to the root cause of their ailments.

Sara embarked on a mini journey of her own, completely reversing a hormonal condition conventional and alternative doctors said was not possible. She did it! She did it through functional testing, lifestyle, diet modification and addition of specific supplements. Women's hormonal health issues took off as her dominant interest within her practise.

Just know that, in Functional Medicine, the 'impossible' is possible!

Please note that Sara does NOT diagnose disease. She does work closely with other practitioners whom she can refer you to for functional testing she thinks would benefit your work or when an issue arises outside of her scope of practise.

Functional Nutrition Coaching: Bio
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