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Thinking About Divorce? Why Hiring A Relationship Coach Is Key.

The thought has been in your head for a while now but you haven't

triggered the cascade of events that follow the

announcement of divorce. Should you suck it up and stay for the kids? Is this just a rough patch and it'll pass as it always does or is this the real deal? You're done and all modes of communication, intimacy, passion, and connection are dead. You do have options such as working things through via couples counselling, calling it quits and moving out, or living together separately. A relationship coach will help you work on any issues with your partner to revive your relationship, teach you how to set boundaries and get both your needs met, and basically 'start fresh.' A coach will also help you move through the process of accepting things are over, formulating a plan to move forward with a divorce and support you as you tread through unpredictable territory.

Every marriage is unique. The dynamics such as employment status, possible children, finances, reason for divorcing, family, friends, and health, all weigh in differently. Taking the time to decide if your

marriage is worth saving needs to be taken with the above in mind. Too often, everyday stress mounts up to miscommunication which leads to disconnection and resentment. This then leads to disrespect, loss of passion, intimacy and everything else that went into making the marriage work in the beginning. Once that road has been torn up, getting back there is a lot of work. Depending on your situation, deciding whether it's worth the work is as big a decision as deciding to divorce. Hiring a relationship coach will give you the clarity about what YOU need to make the marriage work. What do YOU need and

what do you both need as a couple should efforts be made in saving the marriage?

Separation is always an option and one that couples often take. It gives them time to clear their heads, totally disconnect from each other, and live separately while they decide how they want to move forward. A lot of questions will be going through your head and one of the biggest will be 'do I want to go back' AND 'why am I going back?' Quite often, partners get back together for the wrong reasons. Finances being a big one. Kids being another one. Loneliness and low self worth is surprisingly up there too. Depending on the reason you're contemplating divorce, a relationship coach will help you clear the fog that's

keeping you in your marriage. Why are your staying? Why are you wanting to get out? What about the kids, finances, living situation, etc? What is your mindset right now and where should it be? How should you proceed? A relationship coach can offer you options that are realistic and help you navigate this dark road whether you are in limbo or taking the next step.

There are SO many decisions to be made, thought processes to interpret, and emotions to compartmentalize. Having a relationship coach will allow you to bounce your thoughts around, receive never-ending

support and help make the right decision for you and your family.

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