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Me, Redesigned

This is me!

Waiting for my kids to come out of the school and riding high on the waves of excitement having just come out of another interview with @nnslnews (local newspaper). This is my second one with NNSL in 2 months!

If you had seen me 2 years ago, I would be literally sweating during an interview (or public speaking). I actually did sweat through my first interview with the newspaper 5 years ago and rushed the reporter out the door for fear of an anxiety attack.

Since then I've done 2 more news interviews for my business and public speaking events. All with soaring confidence and KNOWING I'm friggin' amazing!


1) working with a kick-ass psychologist combined with a life coach to get to the root of my FEARS. With understanding came revelations that led to so much growth and attraction of positives and possibilities.


2) fully embracing my new-found confidence and truly BELIEVING I'm worth all the opportunities coming my way.

3) daily practice of recognizing my successes, setting and crushing goals and continue growing professionally and personally.

This is ME and I'd love to work with YOU to get to the bottom of what triggers you.

What makes you sit there fiddling with your seatbelt instead of jumping out of that airplane?

What makes you sweat?

Let's rewrite this limiting story for you and gain the confidence to unbuckle and take the leap.

Ready??! Let's go! You'll achieve new possibilities beyond anything you imagined.

Click the tab below to book a coffee date and start designing who you truly are inside. I can't wait to meet you!

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