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Mad About 'Shrooms

I'm so in love with the medicinal mushroom products by Four Sigmatic (or any medicinal mushrooms for that matter!) ๐Ÿ„

Medicinal mushrooms have been gaining much more publicity than ever! Consumers are going crazy over the high anti-oxidant, adaptogenic, immune boosting and possible anti-cancer effects. Let me run you a list of these amazing fungi:

Chaga - this one is extremely popular for its high antioxidant properties and strong anti cancer properties.

Cordyceps - strong adaptogen (adrenalsupportive = stress management) - excellent for athletes (helps with energy levels, stamina, and endurance) - has specific respiratory and renal effects

Reishi- great modulator (won't boost or dampen immune system) - 'educates' immune system making this the "one" supportive of immune health and liver function - inhibits 5-alpha-reductase (an enzyme responsible for moving testosterone to dihydrotestosterone which is associated with acne and male pattern baldness)

Shiitake- POWERFUL immunomodulator and anti-cancer (may actually help repair damage caused by chemo)

Lions Mane - mushroom of the brain - helps repair from physical damage and prevention of age- related mental degradation - mood regulating effects - enhances mind - contains nerve growth factor which stimulates growth of neurons

Available as elixirs, instant coffee, coffee beans, matcha, latte, cacao, mocha, 10 mushroom mix and beauty blend!

*Dandy Blend pictured is also a GREAT alternative/replacement to your morning cup 'o joe with the added benefit of liver supporting dandelion

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