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Low Stomach Acid and Acid Blockers

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

You've just finished your dinner and shortly after, the bloating, burping, flatulence, heartburn or acid reflux sets in. It feels like your food just sits there, heavy. Sound familiar?

Commonly, you reach for acid blockers such as tums or rolaids that neutralize acid right at the site. You may even use Zantac or Nexium which is a proton pump inhibitor. What most people don't know is that, this is likely not a case of too MUCH acid production but actually too LITTLE stomach acid production.

Food ingested cannot move on thru the digestive sequence because there's not enough acid to break these foods down. So where does it go? It sits. Bacteria within our body come to feast and create fermentation acids which must escape somewhere right? So, it goes up allowing acids to enter, burning the esophagus and creating that acid reflux sensation. Gases are produced during this process and escape in the form of burps.

Much too often, low stomach acid is misdiagnosed as too much stomach acid and acid blockers are prescribed which are more damaging than helpful. Proton pump inhibitors shut OFF 99% of acid production!!! This is the exact opposite of what we need, not to mention the deficiencies created thru malabsorption and the PPI itself.

Stomach acid production can be increased thru plain ole 'rest and digest,' enzyme therapy, bitters, supplements specific to increasing production...there are several approaches to this. Check in with your holistic or functional nutritionist, functional medicine doctor or naturopath for simple, at-home tests and relief tailored to your body.

Bottom line: we NEED proper stomach acid production to absorb nutrients needed to prevent disease. Antacids are not the solution.

**Never discontinue medication without the approval of your doctor but do know that there are natural and effective ways to improve your symptoms with the help of an experienced natural health practitioner**

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