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Keeping 'the one' at arms length

I've heard it want to meet your life partner. You have your profile up on dating sites and go out with your friends in hopes of meeting 'the one.' Yet, you don't. You don't reach out when others comment on your profile. You shrug off or find things wrong with every potential you meet.

The search for your life partner is exhausting you and it's gotten to be such a burden that you have resorted back to your pattern/habit of getting take-out on a Friday night and watching Netflicks, again. This is your comfort zone.

One main question I'll ask you is 'what is going through your mind as you pass up each opportunity"? "What is your mindset?" "What are your beliefs about yourself, your past patterns, and habits you rely on and make you feel safe?"

This is where you falter. Going back to what's engrained; what you belief you're worthy of and keeping in the safe zone by sticking to what's familiar. This brings you full circle, keeping you at arms reach from 'the one".

Reframing limiting beliefs and embedding new ones is essential to obtain your goals. A mindset coach will help you discover the 'why's' of your mindset and work alongside you to break down those walls and create a lasting energy in you that will attract.

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