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Could Your Medication Be Creating Deficiencies?

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

Would you believe me if I told you that, up to 30% of the 'side effects' from drugs are actually the result of nutrient deficiencies which these drugs cause? Common drugs are robbing your body of vital nutrients, creating these 'side effects' and leaving you depleted for all the days, months, and even years you're on the meds. The most common drugs include:

Birth Control Pills (and HRT) deplete critical B vitamins (including folic acid) and magnesium (so many women come off the pill and want to get pregnant right away. It's SO important to take the time to replenish these lost stores).

Anti-hypertensives deplete important heart healthy minerals, vitamin C, zinc and B vitamins

Beta-Blockers are robbing your body of CoQ10. This depletion is particularly harmful considering that cardiovascular disease is the target condition. Melatonin is also reduced.

Statins (cholesterol lowering drugs) deplete CoQ10...again, targets the heart.

Acid Blockers deplete vitamin D3 (Hello Northerners!!!), B vitamins, zinc and important minerals.

Anti-depressants actually need optimal B vitamins to work properly.

Antibiotics deplete all B vitamins, minerals, and highly increases the need for probiotics.

These are just the most common drugs and a very general list. Be sure to discuss with your alternative healthcare provider such as myself, a more in depth preventative plan while taking medication.

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