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Vitamin D: where do you stand?

Have you had your vitamin D levels checked? As we approach the darker winter months, supplementation with vitamin D is critical especially if you live way up in the northern parts of Canada like I do.

Vitamin D affects every cell in your body...along with thyroid hormone (vitamin D is actually a hormone). Not only is vitamin D needed for bone health and calcium metabolism, it has direct access to our genetic material either turning our genes on or off.

Optimal levels, from a functional view, is 125nmol/L. At this level, you are preventing such ailments as heart attack, cancer, diabetes, autoimmune diseases...these are the major ones. Below optimal (but still normal) is a bloodlevel of 75-125nmol/L and protects you from SOME diseases.

Even if you're supplementing with vitamin D, get your levels checked. I've seen a client supplementing with 10,000IU of vitamin D and their levels were still suboptimal. The D is essential for prevention and can't always be acquired thru food (which is my #1 choice for vitamin intake).

True story: I was always careful about taking my vitamin D. Thru genetics testing, I discovered that I have a variant which causes me to not absorb much of the vitamin D putting me at risk for deficiency! I now know I need to be taking a higher dose AND have testing done more frequently.

As vitamin D is fat soluble, it is stored in the liver. As much as deficiency is detrimental, so is toxicity. Please remember that dosing is individual and shouldn't be 'guessed' at. It's SO important to not take it upon yourself to dose; work with a functional health practitioner to direct you on this.

Need more info on how to supplement, reputable brands, and form? PM me! I'm happy to guide you:)

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