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Recovery As Both A Mental and Physical Challenge

This week, one year ago, marks an unexpected event in my life. I got into a skidoo accident, breaking my hip and wrist, both on the same side.

As I was being medevaced to Edmonton for surgery, I remember telling myself "I'm not going to be able to be active with my kids! I'm going to be out of work! I won't be able to walk my dog! I can't go to the gym anymore!". All the negative thoughts flooded me and I was consumed with fear especially when the surgeon told me I was too late getting to surgery and might need a total hip replacement.

The next day, after waking up from surgery, having 3 pins holding my hip together, my brain rewrote what I had told it the day before. I woke with a sense of calm and peace. My brain now told me that I was healthy going into surgery, I exercised daily so my bones and muscles were strong enough to recover quickly and my support team was lined up. The same surgeon whom told me the negative news the night before, now told me that my muscles and bones were so healthy that he omitted opening up another section of my hip. So began my healing journey.

I contacted my Naturopath and friend, explaining what happened and he formulated a kick ass plan for me using healing supplements and homeopathic remedies. I wrote out a plan for myself including healing foods such as bone broth, high protein good quality foods, organic foods as much as possible, and calcium rich foods. I had my partner pick up exercise bands and ankle weights, putting myself on a daily exercise plan to ensure my muscles and mobility stayed strong and fluid. I was determined to get better and fast! I was able to drive my kids to school, run small errands, and take short walks in an arm cast and on crutches. I'm sure I was a sight but motivation kept me going. This wasn't all the physical healing part, this was the mental determination part.

I was in contact with my life coach at the time and was able to get my body and my mind working in cahoots. My support team checked in on me daily, brought me groceries, bone broth, books, and visited. When I went for physical therapy, I was told I would need a cane after my crutches. At my next doctors check up, I walked in without crutches and was deemed a 'graduate of physical therapy' well before my due date and no, I wouldn't need a cane after all. What a feeling!

Having this experience has proven to me how important nutrition, exercise, and mental health/mindset is. Keeping ahead of it and not waiting for a major life event to knock you out is even more important. Like me, you never know when a major life event is just around the corner. Don't wait for that baseball bat to knock you on your ass. Ask me about my pre and post op Functional Nutrition services along with my mindset life coaching. Both were DETRIMENTAL in my recovery.

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