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Get Gusty 6-Month Intensive Program


"Get Gutsy" is a comprehensive 6-month gut-health program incorporating functional medicine principles and holistic approaches. This program is designed to empower you with the knowledge to recognize your own gut (and health) issues while also equipping you with strategies to intervene and aid resolution. "Get Gutsy" involves a customized plan based on your response to an in-depth gut questionnaire. You are presented with a plan to follow for 4 weeks (30 days) along with tailored instructions from me in regard to your specific digestive issue. We will then have 12 follow up meetings over the next 6 months to keep you supported and on track. Program Includes: ✔an in-depth questionnaire regarding your digestive health ✔personalized tweaks based on your questionnaire to ensure we are targeting the root cause ✔over 60 pages of information to educate you on the gut, allowing a heightened level of empowerment over your own health. Includes 30-day plan. ✔41 science backed references ✔menu plan, nutrition guidelines, and 30 gut-approved recipes ✔lifestyle recommendations ✔supplement recommendations (tailored to your needs) ✔20% off supplements ✔12 one-on-one meetings over a 6-month span at 45 mins/session ✔unlimited support from myself via email between meetings 🌸Please DO NOT register here. Email me at to register or with any questions.

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