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  • Ideal all-around protective tonic

  • Boost your body's natural defenses

  • Prevent cold and flu symptoms

Formulated with potent adaptogens, Deep Immune combines the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Western herbal extraction methods to offer you and your family the most trusted immune support, all in one easy formula.


Deep Immune blend enhances the vitality of all your bodily systems and organs for better health.


Ingredients: astralagus, codonopsis, eleuthero (Siberian Ginseng), licorice, ligustrum, reishi, schisandra, white atractyodes

St.Francis Deep Immune 50mL

  • Please contact me for purchases and pickup

  • As a professional practitioner, I strive to ensure supplements and other products are suited for you and your unique requirement for such a product. I do ask for clarification regarding medical background including any illnesses or current medication to ensure interactions are avoided.

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