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Catch It Before It Catches You

School signals the start of all things new; academics, friends, interests...illnesses. Be ready and on guard with some of my favorite supplements and daily lifestyle adjustments.

👉Liposomal vitamin C (or a good quality vitamin C) is vital to keep the immune system in shape. 👉Chewables (multi vitamin with/without probiotics). 👉Probiotics (good gut health begets healthier immune systems). 👉Vitamin D 👉Basic multivitamin 😴SLEEP! After a summer of late nights and random scheduling, kids need set bedtimes and wake up times to ensure their bodies (and brains) are ready to take on the day and provide optimal immune system functioning. 👉Exercise. 👉Handwashing, handwashing, handwashing ...handwashing!!! 👉Optimize diet. Prep lunches the night before so you're not just filling in the spaces in your child's lunch box with processed or packaged snacks. Kids need healthy fats and protein to get them thru the day high on energy (not high on sugar).

Are you, and your kids ready for the next season?

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