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Put Your Heart Into It - STARTING FEBRUARY 2024


This 6-month nutrition program is for you! Do you have diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic stress, unwanted weight gain, heart disease, entering menopause, or are predisposed to heart issues? How does vibrant energy, increased stamina, weight loss, better sleep, KNOWING you're preventing heart disease and related illnesses AND developing a growth, forward focused mindset sound to you? Program includes: ⭐ 6 months of support, gentle guidance, and butt kicking where and when you need it. ⭐ 12 one-on-one coaching sessions; 6 at 60 minutes each + 6 at 30 minutes each. ⭐ Diet analysis and tailored plan including lifestyle and supplement recommendations. ⭐ Heart healthy foods cheat-sheet. ⭐ Sample fitness plan. ⭐ Sample menu and recipes. ⭐ Unlimited access to me via email. 🚀 Email me at to register! **Please note you can ONLY register via email**

You can also join this program via the mobile app.


  • Sara Aloimonos

    Sara Aloimonos




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