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This fast paced, results-focused program targets your health and wellness goals for 2024. Challenges may include banishing nasty symptoms, zapping anxiety, having great sleeps or losing weight. You may want to get meal prepping down pat, find time for the gym, and strengthen your relationships. Benefits include: clarity on purpose, goals + strategy, higher rate of achieving goals, increased motivation, and improved short + long term health and wellness.   You get to choose when you start. January, April, July, or October. Each quarter is 3 months of intense work. ⭐ Month 1 includes: hammering down exactly what you want in 2024, developing a FOOL-PROOF plan to make this happen + steps involved to create success, 4 planning sessions and unlimited access to me via email. ⭐ Month 2&3 include: 2 planning and implementation sessions each month plus unlimited access to me via email. ⭐ Option to continue quarterly sessions on a bimonthly schedule. ⭐ Each quarter is $1100 and includes 4-1 hour meetings and 4-45 minute meetings. Unlimited email access. Email to register for your quarter! **Please note you can ONLY register via email**

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  • Sara Aloimonos

    Sara Aloimonos




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